Arth is a collection of works created by David Mimran since 1994.




The author is French and now lives in New York.

Utmost is an essay on the process of creating Arth, and a short biography, in English (August 4, 2001).




Le contrat unilatéral is a shred of novel in French, which will be completed (1997-...). A link to this project is hidden inside the site.

Prosa is a short story in French (1998).

Dido & Aeneas is a very free adaptation in English of the Tragedy and the Opera by Purcell, written as a scenario for a short movie, still to be shot (June 2000).



Poetry is an essay (in French) which has inspired two pieces of music written with Théo (December 1999).

Contra Punctum is a book of poetry partly in English and partly in French. The poems are set in chronological order, so that Criss Cross contains the first poems I have written. They span between 1994 and 1996. No ----- available at this time is dedicated to K Lhynne M.

What is in English, and what in French ?

Criss Cross
Arth the guggenheimer's adventures
Toute cette sorte de choses
A process in the making,
No ----- available at this time
News from the sky
Symmetry ninety-six

are written in English.

Qu'est-ce qui est en anglais, et qu'est-ce qui est en français ?

Formes informes
Amphores engloûties

sont en français (are in French), except for Momentary loss of memory (n°90), We shall watch and we shall not rest nor sleep (n°95), Breakfast [food is unimportant] (n°97), moving life (n°99), and Pitt (n°104) in Formes informes and Simulation in Amphores engloûties.

Nouveautésfraîches is a small book of poetry in French (1997).

Merenneito is a poem in English dedicated to Leikki (September 2001)



One can only access the anthologies through this page

Kalevala and Kanteletar are the entire Finnish Epic, in Finnish, gathered in one file (for Kalevala) so as to make searches in the text easier (Edited in November 1999). Finnish is without a doubt the most beautiful and exhilirating language I know.



Tone Pieces

Soon Midnight v.1 Electric Poem Tone poetry in English - computer generated sounds, soprano saxophone, spoken poem

Soon Midnight v.2 Lied A lied for soprano voice, piano and strings

Arth's Psychedelic Breakfast A funk-jazz piece with computer generated sounds, electric guitar, found sounds and live distorted soprano saxophone

A Very Strange Morning A found sounds project that became the backgroung for Arth's Psychedelic Breakfast

Leikki's Theme Composition and arrangement : Theo and Laurent - soprano saxophone by Arth --- link to photography

Stina on kadonnut Composition and arrangement : Theo and Laurent - soprano saxophone by Arth --- link to videopoetry

La poésie revèle Composition and arrangement : Theo and Laurent - soprano saxophone by Arth --- link to poetry

Visual Pieces

March 2001 A visual realization of a graph piece by Earl Brown, December 1952



including Video Poetry is a 'poetic' wall that displays poetry -in French and English-, a photographic animation and the spoken text of some of the poems. The initial pretext is a reflexion about the double consonant, in particular in Finnish. Language itself is the ultimate and possibly the only object of poetry (August 1999 for this poem, August 2000 for the others and the set-up).

My Hand is White As Chalk is a video animation (1'30) made from one poem in SIDE:SEA:STINA. It has been made with the precious collaboration of Nicolas and Emmanuelle.

Suite MBS #4 is a short (1'30) video animation dedicated to MBS. It has been made in collaboration with Herr Doktor Emil Krone, in Berlin (July, 2000).

Onko Stina Kadonnut? Ei! Stina disappeared? No! Stina a disparu? Non! is an image wall. The character, standing still in front of a picture, keeps vanishing and reappearing, and different zooms highlight various parts of the image (August 2cd, 2000). The music set to it has been recorded in december 1999. The Theme has been composed by Theo and Laurent, who programmed the rhythms, played the keyboards and the percussions. Lionel plays the guitars. Arth plays the soprano saxophone.

Sisun Silmät The Wolf's Eyes Les yeux du loup Die Augen des Wolfes is also an image wall. The eyes of the Wolf overlook a diversity of street scenes taken in New York (August 4-6, 2000). Leikki is the Wolf.

Une lueur dans la nuit A light in the night is a luminous shape changing colors in the dark (August 2000).

The Ravishing

Saturn Project / No supplementary title

Fontana Video mix



Photography is an essay (in French) (December 1999).

Mur Argentique is an exhibition of pictures taken (mostly) in 1997 and 1998.

Triptyque has been taken in the Jewish cemetary of East Berlin. The pictures have been painted over.

Mailbox has been taken from the Seven-A café in the East Village of Manhattan (1997).

Workers is a series of seven groups of pictures (some of them can be enlarged) of people working, mainly in the streets. It has been taken in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Paris, Helsinki, Saint Petersburg, in Israel and Jordan; it is dedicated to people performing hard tasks, and to the beauty and utility of Work (1998).

Taxicabs shows people hailing, going in or going out of taxi cabs (1998).

Phonebooths is a photo-movie showing people waiting in front of a public payphone. A love rendez-vous is going on (1998).

Hairdresser is a delicate picture. It is one of my favorites here. There is life, feelings, and I feel confused I shamelessly captured this intimate moment (1998).

Varjo / Shadow / Ombre

Subworkers continues workers from mur argentique, but with a new structure. The title has no negative connotation (November 1999).

Katarina is a one picture exhibition (September 1999).

Flow is a short exhibition of black and white pictures from Paris(September 1999)

Horizontal Sky is a study in grey about Sky and Water. It is a very restful image for me (Savonlinna, August 1999).

Sunday at the Met is a slide show. That sunday, the grey sky made the windows of the Met a work that did not make you want to look at any picture or painting (August 4th, 2000).

Ghostories is a picture exhibition. The ghost is often where you expect it.

Vitrail is a picture dedicated to Stina and the Ghost.



The Virginia Pages is a composition including poems in English and pictures. The extract of a picture representing hands has been painted by Virginia; it is reproduced here without her permission (August-September 1997).

SIDE:SEA:STINA is a composition including poems in English and pictures, which theme is the body and texture. It is dedicated to Stina (February-March 1999).

In the museum is an extension of a poem from SIDE:SEA:STINA. In spite of its colour, it takes the reader to an antique, subterranean and desolate world (November 1999).

Dirty Laundry is a visual fairy tale in English which is certainly going to move you (1998).

Suomen Sanoja is dedicated to Leikki. Like In the museum, but in a softer way, it is a visual sequence about polished and saturated colour (October 1999, modified July 10th, 2000).

Photogrammes / Still-Movies are an interrogation about the relationship between the still image and motion picture and the animated image, through video.

La Descente and Contre nuit have been shot in Paris with Anna. They are short still extracts (June 2000).

Suite MBS #3 is a video sequence standing still, with a poem in English.

"Sais-tu ce qu'ils reflétaient, mes beaux yeux, tout miroitants de larmes?" (Do you know what they reflected, my beautiful eyes, shimmering with tears?) (The Squirrel, in L'Enfant et les Sortilèges, M. Ravel/Colette).

(February 2000 for the poem Traffic (in English) and the images; July 2000 for the set up). MBS has given her consent.

I see open spaces - Two pictures, screen shots, dedicated to Rikki O'Neal. I would be very proud if she ever got to see those pictures, which display her beauty and strange serenity. NEW PAGE


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