A Found Sounds Project

A Very Strange Morning - Background for Arth's Psychedelic Breakfast

The found sounds project is made of three layer of sound.

The main layer one is sounds from breakfast making : coffee machine, coffee bag being opened, water being poured into the kettle, sipping the coffee and eating a cookie.

The second layer is the voice : Tune in, Turn on, Drop out.

The third layer is a tiny passage from the first one, water being poured with phaser effect on, being expanded, pitch modified, slowed down, phased again, and edited to create rhythm passages.

Although you will hear most of the same material in Arth's Psychedelic Breakfast, this found sound version is a standalone piece that has been modified. In particular, the third layer exists only in this version and the piece has been shortened to the satisfying length of 4:44.4 minutes.