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Sultry dish water blonde hair on my fresh green eyes.
Auburn black lipstick stains my new shirt.
Rigid bones hold those breasts I am not used to.
And those lush shiny platform shoes.

I've changed, and Iím the same. I'll hold your neck with my hands after I've brushed your hair away, and I'll rest on your belly and fall asleep that way, and I'll kiss your eyes, with my tongue flat, and Iíll see you look at me with eyes half closed. One third less is not that much.

My girlfriend has now red freckles.
How different I have come to be,
Since Iíve started becoming you.

Written and Produced by David Mimran
Edited by Emmanuelle Mimran
Musical extract from the prelude of
Thomas, by Einojuhani Rautavaara (1985)

New-York - Paris Janvier 2001

27 janvier 2001