In the city, people go from one place to another
Excite all my senses
With green and red
And green again
Don't Walk, Don't Walk
Fill myself with the new

Images and shapes

Yliopiston kadulla: Tramroad mending

Rehov Benyehuda: Cobble stone repairing

Flatbush Avenue: Manhattan Bridge revision

Dos de Mayo: Traffic light painting

Don't Walk, Don't
There's a traffic in me
Blood, Oxygen, Bubble Blood
The Bubble Blond is getting me to boil
And red and green again
Give me some air
I'll drink it
Don't walk
There's a traffic between our bodies,
Give me some air and I'll expell it
There's a traffic going around you
And you don't know it
Walk, Don't Walk,

Please, Please, Do Walk.

Et le miroir reprit possession