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Arth. Photography

by David Mimran

1. My photographs are an extension of my poetry, they act as magnifying glasses and mirrors that reflect and distort the subject. How strange since those two are the basic elements of any camera. Many are close ups that border on the abstract.

2. The colors are saturated; the contrasts are strong; and blur is used as a stylistic element. My first photographs were inspired by various muses and conceived as lyric offerings I called visual poetry.

3. The initial close ups never revealed the full body of the woman. Later I came to use models that weren't personal muses anymore and therefore could reveal their photographic identity - in other words their full body and face.


4. But my subjects span also the cocoon that is the city. In any case, the project is to seduce and appropriate the subject - that is to take symbolic possession of it. One clear aim is to achieve beauty, by sucking up the essence of the object as it is or rendering a subjective version.

5. I continue to see my photos as poetic expressions rather than documentary pictures. Often set in a sequence, where each piece is above all part of the whole and where a rhythm is created, they are closely tied to my poetic and music endeavors.

6. In this perspective, the creation of, in 1994, has been instrumental in allowing me to set up the works as exhibits and to keep feeding it with new production, as well as venturing into video poetry. Digital photography has allowed me to maintain an illusion of control over all the aspects of creation.


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