47. U.
48. MOUTH [ There's a hole in your head ]
49. BREAST [Do you drink from me ( like I drink from you ? )]
50. EYES [ I stare at you stars ]
51. NECK
52. EAR [ Dies Earae ]
53. HAIR

Contra Punctum



Give you
feed you
stuff you like a goose
you can't move

I trapped you
got you
won't let you leave me

owe me
feed me
trap me
and don't you give me

gave you
hooked you :
I'll stay behind and
watch you

always be ahead of you
never be through with you
but never get through to you



There's a hole in your head

SOMETHING'S stuck in your throat
can you breathe ?
you can't talk anymore
and your body turns blue

like the petals of a
carnivorous plant,
your lips stay wide open
and you won't give a kiss

you wait at night
swiftly spit your bile
stick your sticky tongue out
catch a word in flight
bring it to the corrosive moisture
of your mouth
draw it to the warmth
of your dissolving candy saliva

but you're never really fed ;
something's in the way,
stuck in your throat.

( still you blow me some acid love song )

give me your lips my love
give me your lips to bite
and throw up your pride
I'll swallow it for you
you know I'll swallow it for you



Do you drink from me
( like I drink from you ? )

[ Echo ]

SOME time [ o mine o mine ]
I like to
tear your breast open
bite it till my
jaws have the colour of clay
chew you till I choke

Some time [ o meine meine ],
when I use
my claws gentle claws
to open a hole [ a hole a hole ]
a groove in your quiet chest,
letting the flesh part like lips
in two as I lick
this red red juice
black black dripping juice of yours

and every day every night
I bathe in your thick warm substance
let it dry on my skin
and slowly form a protective armour
a thin film of [ rot rot rot ] rotten liquid
infiltrating me and never
letting me forget
that it's really you who drinks from me



I stare at your stars

I take a look at your eyes
one is blue one is green

one is left one is right
on the edge of my hand

They intend to fall on the ground
but I hold them firmly in my arms

They try to roll away
but I'm still hungry for you

I take one
and eat it up

was it the blue, was it the green one ?
I couldn't choose

I had to close my eyes



Ring of flesh
first step on the way to your back
hidden behind your hair,
concentrate the bitter smell of your sweat
and attract the softest of kisses :
make me the Nexus
of your body

I hold you with both hands
press my fingers against
the gate to your lungs
now softly, later harder
hold you against me
while fades your sweetish breath

Now do I break your neck ?
Maybe I'll wait till to-

How do I break your neck ?
twist, wrench off, saw, cork-
screw you
pull you
towards the ceiling
smash you 'gainst
this orange brick wall

Whatever however...
as long as I find
out what's in
the inside of my favourite toy



Dies Earae

Sound goes through the room,
echoes on the wall
ends its flight in your earing
you hear it

hear my voice through cotton water
vibrate as my tongue
follows the path to the whirlpool
you feel it

feel me scream without a sound,
gesticulate as next to you I motionless lie

You are busy
thinking somewhere else
tasting some other scent
watching some other scene

listen to the far away sound



Sitting behind you
tidying up
your entangled hair

You sit quietly patiently
a little girl again :
you're kind of dazy but it hurts nicely

- it is indeed heart-breaking to separate
such amorously, lovingly
intertwined threads -

could I ever unravel your thoughts
the way I do with your hair,
sweep these locks away
from before your sweet eyes ?

Contra Punctum